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Company Profile


Yew Choon Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore since 1975. The company is a one stop service provider for oversized & heavy loads, encompassing marine & land transportation, Ro-Ro operation, Jacking, Skidding, Installation, Craneage, Warehousing & Storage and Engineering. The Company has further expanded its service around South East Asia countries.  The company is still continuing to explore opportunities of participating in transportation services, Craneage, Skidding, Jacking services around the world, with growth potential.


Over the years, through professional and competent services to our customers, our company has been able to develop a well recognised and reputable position in the heavy lift segment of transportation industry. Through a combined application of management prudence and growth through diversification, the Company is confident of continuing to provide quality services to its customers.


We remain committed to offering the highest standards of service and the most advanced technologies in all the facilities that we operate. In view of this, we are continually upgrading and enhancing the equipments and services that we offer. 


In the year under review, we have made a strategic review of our operations and have identified the key areas of customers’ desires and concerns. We intend to address them to enhance customer satisfaction.


Innovation lies at the center of our efforts to offer a unique, recreational experience for our customers. It is the driving force in which we maintain service differentiation; it is the primal determination of our competitive edge.


Our strategic review has also yielded several accidents reduction measures. These we will initiate in our effort to remain trim while being flexible to changing customer needs and market trends.


Our long-term service strategy is based on advanced technology, with superior management skills and excellent growth potential, including equipment, telecommunications, engineering, computer software and design.


Our Competitive Strengths

We are an integrated one-stop transportation solutions provider in the heavy-lift segment of the transportation industry.

We believe our competitive strengths are as follows:

  • We operate in strategic geographical locations
  • We have an experienced and dedicated management team supported by a committed and skilled engineering and operations team
  • We have established a good track record and strong reputation
  • We have strong and long-term working relationships with our clients
  • We own a strong fleet of advance and adequate equipments



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